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Augers and Drilling - ACCESSORIES





Model: Diggalign Inclinometer

The New Diggalign Inclinometer was developed for contractors where accuracy is key. Ideal for drilling, screw piling & core barrelling applications. Designed to show the operator when the top of the pylon/pile/auger is off plumb, helps to maintain accuracy throughout the installation.


2 Options available:

1) Standard definition with increments in 2°, recommended for piles/augers under 13ft
2) High definition with increments in 0.5°, recommended for piles/augers over 13ft

- Can be retrofitted to existing drives
- Suits all machinery with a variety of harness lengths
- Increased job site efficiency
- Can be calibrated for angles up to 20°
- Highlights misalignment forward and aft
- Dual supply cable with both 12V and 24V




Model: Torque Measurement System

The Digga electronic display gauge kit displays the differential pressure or usable hydraulic pressure. This pressure displayed on the digital screen allows the user to cross reference the displayed pressure with the torque chart supplied, to determine the theoretical torque generated by the planetary drive unit.


- Clear 4-digit 7-segment LED display
- Up to 3 analogue inputs
- Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5%
- Differential measurement possible
- Analogue output
- Up to 4 relay switching outputs
- RS232 interface
- Voltage supply - 12 - 32 V DC
- Option for PT100 sensor input or frequency input




Model: Torque Pin (Strain Gauge)

The ultimate helical pile measurement solution. Digga's Torque Logic can fit any type of drive head. Where conventional hydraulic reading can be 30-50% out, this monitoring system offers true torque readings that are 98% accurate! Torque Logic can be installed by simply replacing your current pin with a new load cell. Unlike other systems, there is no loss of boom height.


- 98% accurate torque measurement
- Alignment indicator
- Data logging
- Downloadable to USB
- Calibrated pin replaces existing hood pin
- In-cab 8.4" or 4.3" touch screen displays




Model: Energy Control Valve (ECV) - Pile Anti Kick-Back Valve

Screw anchors are installed to an engineering torque specification. By the time installation torque is reached and the operator stops the machine, the pile has built up rotational energy. This causes the pile to momentarily 'kick back', forcing the energy back up the pile through to the drive shaft, the gearbox, and the hydraulic motor. Digga's flow reversal bypass valve (Energy Control Valve) can be fitted to the drive manifold to control the release of this energy.


- Protects motor from rapid oil decompression
- Easily converts your drilling drive into a dedicated screw anchor drive
- Suitable for Digga DDS Drives for use in screw anchor applications.