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Client Story

Mascore in Brantford, Ontario

Mascore Inc
Mascore Inc is a helical piling contractor that service the GTA and Golden Horseshoe area. We specialize in design, supply and installation of helical pile. We service the residential, commercial and industrial construction industries.

Helical Pile Contractor

Triple M Services was contacted by Max and his team at Mascore to help them get the equipment they needed to start installing their helical piles. We worked with Mascore to develop a solution that suited their needs. Triple M had a handheld anchor drive fitted with a custom hood at the factory and supplied the needed mounting hardware for their skid steer. Torque measurement and monitoring equipment was supplied to Mascore by Triple M to ensure installation of their helical piles to engineered specifications. Again Triple M provided the needed expertise to help fit the torque monitoring device to their custom drive. A few weeks later Mascore ordered a custom mounting flange for quick coupling/uncoupling their helical piles during installation. Mascore needed this item in an extremely expedited manner. Triple M worked with the factory to get this to Mascore quickly so they could get up and running with as little delay as possible.

Here's what Max, the founder of Mascore, had to say about his experience with Triple M Services:

"There has been many scenarios where we have been awarded a project with little notice and expected to start right away. Many of these times we have been missing equipment/parts to start these projects. Triple M Services has managed to get us what we need to complete these projects in very short order. The short notice is neither our fault or Triple Mís fault, but they still carry the same urgency that we have to meet our clientís needs. We consider them part of our team when it comes to getting the job done. I have called these guys numerous times after hours and the phone is always answered. These guys are top notch".

REAL LANDSCAPING in St. Catharines, Ontario

Robin Hurrle's company, REAL LANDSCAPING in St. Catharines, Ontario has established a reputation for excellence in design backed by first rate workmanship. Over the years customer reaction has driven an expansion of the business and an increase in the range of services that the company offers.

Real Landscaping

Designing back yard spaces that combine the requirements of a safe children's playground and or a peaceful retreat from our all too busy lives is an exacting challenge. One that Robin decided required the development of carpentry skills and an investment in the required equipment.

Robin said, "I knew that building high quality fences and decks for residential customers will enhance their back yard environment, increasing privacy and providing a comfortable space for their outdoor living and entertainment".

To acquire the equipment that would allow his staff to efficiently drill the holes needed to install fences and decks, Robin turned to TRIPLE M SERVICES.

Thinking back to 2006, Robin remembers, "My first purchase was a Ramrod 1150 Mini Skid Steer and a Belltec NC150 Hydraulic Auger Drive".

Post Hole Drilling for Fences and Decks

Over time the requirement for these new services increased and Robin confirmed, "There was now so much work that I purchased a second Ramrod, the new 1350, and another Belltec NC150". "Now we could have two crews working at the same time".

Robin mentioned, "Drilling can be difficult in our area so we use Belltec RSA Bits and fitted them with carbide tipped cutting teeth for superior drilling performance and greatly increased wear".

"The ability to design, build and install top quality fences and decks has allowed my company to enjoy an increase in both sales and profitability", Robin confirmed. He also stated, "My decision to work with TRIPLE M SERVICES has proved to be an important factor in the successful development of REAL LANDSCAPING".

LANDSTRUCTION in Hamilton, Ontario

Landstruction is committed to providing the highest level of quality fences, exceptional customer service and superior workmanship in the Hamilton, ON area.

Drilling Augers

John Da Silva, owner of Landstruction turned to Triple M Services to help him with his drilling needs. He explained that he was disappointed with the service he received at the dealer he visited and was impressed with Triple M's inventory of both dirt and rock augers.


Triple M Services was able to help John find the augers that would work for his equipment and for the drilling conditions he was encountering - a Digga 12" RC4 Earth/Rock Auger & a Belltec 12" SDA dirt auger. Triple M also supplied him with the needed wear parts he required to keep his augers performing their best. After John picked up his augers Triple M received an email from him expressing his appreciation. It read as follows, "I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and great service. You guys are my go to people for all my auger needs."