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Stump Planer

A simple and clean way to remove unwanted tree stumps, no matter the size.
It is the perfect tool for fence installers to help create a level surface for their perimeter. With a simple pin attachment, it quickly attaches to your auger drive. It is a tool that all fence installers should have in their inventory.
Stump Planer
Stump Planer
Stump Planer
SP10 Stump Planer
Suited for 1-5 Ton Excavators & Skid steers
Diameter: 10"
Length: 25"
Unit Weight: 55 lbs
Hub Options: 2" Hex & 2 9/16"
SP14 Stump Planer
Suited for 4.5-8 Ton Excavators & High Flow Skid steers
Diameter: 14"
Length: 27"
Unit Weight: 73 lbs
Hub Options: 2 -" Hex & 3" Square